Teachers today are faced with enormous challenges. In order for them to start facing some of these challenges we would like to share some advice and guidelines so that their task can be pleasant and rewarding insha’Allah. Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick offers some valuable advice to Teachers and I will share this with you in this forum. He says about the Importance of the Islamic Teacher,
“In the midst of the darkness, Islamic schools stand as shining beacons of light, serving as one of the most important factors which protect Muslim children from the onslaught of Euro-centricism,homosexuality, racism, and secular traditions.
The Islamic teacher plays an essential role in the school experience, for it is through the teacher that the values and knowledge of Islamic education are passed onto the children. The teacher is the living example of Islamic culture and the murshid (guide) to the thirsty young mind.
Many enthusiastic educationists flocked to Islamic schools in the Eighties and Nineties, thinking that Islamic education would be easy to impart. Instead, they found a confusing world of high hopes and unfulfilled promises. Underpaid, over-worked, disrespected, and sometimes verbally abused, many young teachers returned to the secular teaching world.
Islamic education was being revived in a community that was in a state of serious change. Years of educational backwardness, dogmatic Islamic teachings and narrow-minded leadership have made the role of the teacher hard to define. How can the student study academic subjects if most in the community itself have totally rejected Western technology?
How can the Islamic teacher give practical examples of Islamic justice and liberation to the students when women were still living in a type of “gender Apartheid” and African Muslims, youth and physically challenged people are never given positions of power or respect? Most Muslims are too secular or too extreme in their Islamic practices.
The Islamic teacher, however, is required to provide Islamic solutions to a host of questions posed by innocent, young minds.”
Next time insha’Allah,I will tell you what he says about “The Islamic Teacher: A Vital Role Model for Students.”

The Islamic Teacher: A Vital Role Model for Students
The teacher in an Islamic school should embody all that Islam stands for.
When the child looks at the teacher, he should see not only a paid worker, but he should have in front of him a living example of what he is supposed to become in this life.
The teacher should represent Islam, and in doing so, he or she represents the Nabi SAW himself.
The Prophet SAW represented Allah, Most High, so the teacher in essence, also represents the Creator, to that small child.
Yes, this is a tremendous responsibility, but any honest and humble teacher, who imparts knowledge.with a sincere and good intention, can have a positive effect on a child.
Allah has revealed to us:
“Indeed in the Messenger of Allah, you have a fine example to follow, for he who hopes in the meeting with Allah and the Last day and remembers Allah much”. (Al Ahzaab 33:21)

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